100pc LC margin plays havoc with small business: Ashraful


Business Report :
The government should take necessary steps to protect the small business like the importer and suppliers of computer accessories especially in printer toner and cartridge businesses.

Otherwise, businesses of this sector will have to face unbearable pressure because of the current rules to open LC by depositing 100% bank margin.

Mohammad Ashraful Haque, Managing Director of Vivid Bangladesh, an importer and supplier of computer accessories especially in printer toner and cartridge (useful for printers that support liquid ink), expressed his views with The New Nation about the current scenario of the sectors. He said that due to the ongoing dollar crisis and rising prices, VAT has doubled in this trade since last year.

Being an import-dependent business, now the business is suffering badly due to the crisis.

Regular LC cannot be done and LC has to be done by depositing 100% bank margin, which earlier could be done for less.

After completing his B.A (Bangla Department) and M.A degree in 2007 & 2009 respectively from Chittagong University, Mohammad Ashraful Haque started this business on a small scale.


Within a few years, he became a prominent and promising businessman in the field of computer accessories market, and wanted to serve in his business arena with utmost efforts.

Since the last 16 years, he has been doing business with honesty and integrity in the sector. During the Covid-19 pandemic period, Ashraful stands beside a number of poor people as well as his surroundings.

In the meantime, Ashraful made a sophisticated position in his business community as a man of kindness and a good organizer through his various social work and activities.

He is a general member of Bangladesh Photographic Association (BPA), the apex trade body of computer accessories especially in printer toner and cartridge, where Ashraful is contesting as a Director post (Ballot No. 28) of its Bi-annual elections schedule to hold 23 September under the Democratic Council led by Iqbal Hossain Pabel.

Ashraful is a member of Bangladesh Computer Association, BASIS and Motijheel Computer Society.

He is also serving as the central leader of a voluntary organization “Safe Food & Consumer Rights Movement”, to ensure the consumers rights and eliminate the contamination of food by creating awareness among the people in the society.