3 Bangladeshis die in Bahrain fire

UNB, Dhaka :
Three Bangladeshi workers died of smoke inhalation on Friday after a fire broke out in their room in Manama, the capital of Bahrain.
Confirming the incident, Shameem Ahsan, Director General (External Publicity Wing) at the Foreign Ministry, said two of the victims were identified while the officials trying to ascertain the identity of another victim.
The two identified victims are Mosharraf Hossain, son of Nazir Ahmed and Abu Jalal, Shameem Ahsan said quoting officials at the
Bangladesh Mission in Bahrain. International media reported that police removed three bodies from a two-storey building in Makharqa area.
“The fire was caused by safety negligence, in which the first floor of the building was gutted,” the Interior Ministry said in a statement, adding that an investigation has been launched.
Also in Makharqa, 13 Bangladeshis were killed when a fire swept through their labour accommodation in January last year.