BJP leader wants BD land as compensation for ‘influx’


TNN, Guwahati :
BJP leader Subramanian Swamy said Bangladesh should compensate India with land for the influx of its citizens here. “If Bangladesh does not agree to take back its people, then the country should compensate by giving land to India,” Swamy said here on Friday. “I am extremely distressed by the extent of illegal infiltration from Bangladesh. According to my estimate, one-third of Bangladesh’s population lives in India,” Swamy added.
However, he said his views on infiltration and land compensation were his own and not his party’s. India’s secularism would be under threat if infiltration of “a particular religion” is allowed to go on, he said, adding, “We have to be very careful, otherwise our secularism will be threatened.”
Taking a dig at Congress, the BJP leader alleged the party has been working for a long time to unite Muslims, while dividing Hindus on caste lines. “Caste is outdated in modern times and so we are uniting the Hindus. Also there are Shias, Ahmediyas, Bohras and Sufis within Muslims who are moving towards BJP. We want all patriotic Indians to join BJP,” Swamy said. Promising to bring black money back into India from foreign banks, Swamy said BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi has the ability of turning around the economy. “There is every possibility of boosting the country’s economic growth to 10-12% once Modi becomes the prime minister. During NDA’s governance in 2003-04, the growth rate was 8.4%, while in 2013-14 under UPA, the growth rate was 4.8%. NDA created 60.7 million jobs against UPA’s 15.4 million in seven years,” Swamy said.