BNP wants EC Mobarak to apologise

UNB, Dhaka :
Denouncing election commissioner M Abdul Mobarak’s remark that BNP has joined the upazila polls after rubbing its nose in the dirt, the party on Monday asked him to withdraw his comment and apologise to the nation.
“The acting chief election commissioner has made such remark involving BNP just to appease the Prime Minister… it can’t be the remark of an honest, neutral, independent and acceptable election commission,” said BNP
joint secretary general Ruhul Kabir Rizvi. He came up with his party’s reaction to Mobarak’s comment while addressing a briefing on the 5th phase of upazila polls at BNP’s Nayapaltan central office.
Mentioning that the ruling party leaders have been making such comments regularly in the same language what Mubrak has used, the BNP spokesman said the ‘acting CEC’ would have got applause had he made it at Bangabandhu Avenue or Paltan Maidan.
Earlier on Sunday, Mobarak at a press briefing said BNP had its nose rubbed in dirt in self-humiliation and contested the upazila polls under the current Election Commission.
The acting CEC made the remark as journalists asked the commission’s reaction to BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia’s demand for their resignation.
Disapproving Mobarak’s comment, Rizvi said BNP has not participated in the upazila polls as a political party rather some party leaders and activists are contesting the non-political local body election. “BNP won’t participate in any national and political election under the banana tree like the Election Commission of the Awami League government.”
He also claimed that the acting CEC while he was in public service was known as a diehard supporter of Awami League. “We had expected neutrality from him after he got appointed as the election commissioner. But black will take no other hue.”
Rizvi further claimed that the election commission is working actively to manipulate the election results into the favour of ruling party-backed candidates. “If not, how come an acting CEC can comment about a major political party that it has rubbed its nose?”
Addressing another briefing in the afternoon, the BNP leader said people will one day force Mobrak to rub his nose in the dirt for his remark about BNP.
“We know you (Mobarak) and we’ve clear information about you. We’re not here from any isolated island. People will get united and give you a befitting reply for your heinous role.”