Cannes is a festival of films, not clothes: Nandita Das


The Economic Times :
Nandita Das, well-known actress and film-maker, rocked the Internet after she shared
a post from her Cannes visit with a detailed caption talking about how she was missing the film festival this year and that people had forgotten what
the festival is all about.
“Sadly missing Cannes this year. Sometimes people seem to forget that it is a festival of films and not of clothes! Considering
I can’t show you the amazing films I watched or the conversations I have had or take you back in time when Manto premiered there,” Das wrote on Instagram in a post. The 53-year-old shared her pictures from Cannes throughout the year. Each time, the acclaimed actress attended the prestigious film festival dressed in a saree.
The actress said she was
sharing only those pictures where she was wearing a sari as there’s currently a fair amount of ‘chatter’ about celebrities who wore Saris in Cannes. “Here are a few images through the years in Cannes. And only the ones in Saris as there is a fair amount
of chatter about the ‘who wore saris in Cannes’. Well it is surely my go-to garment. Simple,
elegant and Indian. Least fussy – easy to get in and get out of it!” Nandita Das wrote.
The film-maker further added that each picture has an
interesting backstory.
However, they were too long to be shared in a post.
“Each of the images have an interesting story behind it but
too long to share. So feel free to make up your own story from the photos you see. And guess the year they are from – 2005, 20013, 2016-2018!” she added.
Nandita Das’ post on Instagram came just hours after film-maker Vivek Agnihotri mocked the unwanted attention on fashion at Cannes.
“Do you know that the Cannes Film Festival is about films?
I thought I should remind you just in case you were thinking
it’s a fashion show,” he
wrote in a tweet.