DAP can’t be compromised for vested interests


THE Detailed Area Plan (DAP) of RAJUK is a very important roadmap for Dhaka’s development as a city and any amendments to it must be made with proper consultations from the professional and stakeholders.

We agree with the Institute for Planning and Development (IPD) that at a meeting yesterday observed that in making the DAP amendment the issue of people’s livability might have been ignored.

The IPD has rightly pointed out that if modifications to the DAP are necessary due to socio-economic planning realities, it is imperative to follow a proper process.

There is no argument about the reality that Dhaka’s livability is deteriorating and the capital has become one of the worst cities in the world.

This is partly due to the incomplete implementation of previous master plans and DAP documents.

Dhaka is an overcrowded city and contains, according to experts, at least 18 times more than the population it can actually support.

Added to it is more people from the rural areas are entering the city making it even more crowded with each passing day.

People are flocking to the capital for livelihood means.

Over the years, costly pieces of infrastructure have been built to ease Dhaka’s traffic jams, but the reality is unless internal migration to Dhaka cannot be stopped, every effort is doomed to be a failure.


No system will work here in Dhaka if its population is not checked.

In fact, existing systems are not working because of the capital’s huge population.

Therefore, regarding the proper implementation of DAP; it is necessary to remain sincere to the plan itself.

The relevant authorities must not make any amendment that would further compromise public interest and health by impeding the flow of light and air within buildings, as IPD mentioned in its recent event titled “DAP Amendment Initiative: IPD’s Observations” in the capital on Saturday.

True, the success or failure of any plan relies on the sincerity of all involved, adequate financing, adherence to the rule of law, and a focus on public interest, welfare, and clear policy implementation, as has been pointed out by IPD’s Executive Director.

It is a very serious allegation that Rajuk has made concessions to influential interests regarding DAP’s population density zoning from the outset.

Changes from area-based height zoning to the Floor Area Ratio [FAR] system, along with subsequent adjustments to FAR requirements, all represent compromises.

The DAP is an important document and developing Dhaka according to it is very crucial to Dhaka’s livability.

We are strongly against any change to DAP for vested interests.