Diti in TV play under Chumki’s direction


Entertainment Report : Diti is a popular name among the film related persons. Her eye-catching expression and lovely smiling face are being attracted to all the film-lovers till now. This viewers’ choice actress is not regular in the film industry now. Though she is acting in the TV plays and serials now, but Diti can’t feel comfortable to perform in this arena. But when Diti gets good story and role she shows keen interest to perform in both Television and big screen. For the first time, Diti performed under the direction of popular actress and director Naznin Hasan Chumki in a TV play titled Parijat. Earlier Diti worked Chumki’s direction in a telefilm titled Hridspondon. Shooting of the play Parijat was taken place at a shooting house in the city’s Uttara area recently. While talking in this regard Diti told this correspondent, “Now I am working a little bit. If there is exceptionality in the story and character, then I agree to perform. Story of Chumki’s play was nice. She has willingness to do good thing. She can understand the technical part also. I have achieved good experience to work with her.”On the other hand, Naznin Hasan Chumki shared her feelings by this way, “Diti apu is one of my favourite actresses. Actors of present time should take lesson from her what is called professionalism. In fact, we have failed to take lesson from the senior actors. It is the fault of our present condition.”“Story and making of play Parijat will attract the viewers. Produced under the banner of Impress Telefilm Ltd this play will go on air on Channel i in February,” Chumki said.It may be mentioned that Diti will engage to take part in shooting for movie Welcome 2 till February 4, Diti mentioned.However, Naznin Hasan directed first TV play was Je Jibon Doyel-er Shalik-er. Later she made plays Ekti Oshomapto Golpo Ebong Bhindeshi Tara, Ekti Raat Atotpor Shunyota and Hridspondon.