Dohazari-Cox’s Bazar flood affected Rail line repairing begins


Chattogram Bureau :

Reform work has begun in the Temuhani area of the Dohazari-Cox’s Bazar Rail line affected by the floods.

The technical team’s advice is being done wherever you ask to do it.

In all, the renovation of the affected part will be completed within a week, the concerned said.

The renovation work begins on Sunday (August 28).

Work on the flood damaged line is moving at a rapid pace.

Railway authorities say five more culverts will be constructed in the Temuhani area.

But it is not possible before the dry season.

Reformation of the affected parts of the flood has begun.

Will finish work within a week.

This is not a significant harm.

In the water stream, only 20 metres of stones, pebbles and some soil have been removed.


As a result, the line has been given some places in some places.

In some places, the holes have been created due to the stones, pebbles.

Now we will give the lines a little over the jug and set the sand, pebbles and stones.

This is basically the reform.

Project Director Mofizur Rahman said the renovation work has begun.

Due to the water on the two sides of the railway, it is difficult to get the goods as there is water on the affected part of the car.

Reform work will be completed in time.

He also said that the remaining work in Dohazari, Satkania, Lohagara and Harbang areas will also be completed within the next month.

These works are also moving at a rapid pace.

The railway will start experimentally in the first week of October after completing the work within the pre -scheduled time.

The Dohazari -Cox’s Bazar railway service will be inaugurated in the last week of October.

However, the date has not yet been finalized, sources said.