Dr Yunus sued under labour law in Rangpur


News Desk :
Nobel laureate Dr Muhammad Yunus, the founding chairman of Grameen Krishi (Agriculture) Foundation, was sued in another case alleging a breach of the Labour Act of 2006.

Farukul Islam, a retired senior farm manager from Grameen Krishi (Agriculture) Foundation, filed the case in the Rangpur Labor Court on Tuesday afternoon.

In addition to Dr Yunus, five other employees of the company have been accused in the case.

They include board of directors Chairman Noor Jahan Begum, acting managing director Shamsud Doha, and board members Imamus Sultan, Ratan Kumar Nag, and Shahajan.


Confirming the information to The Business Standard, the plaintiff’s lawyer, Shamim Al Mamun, said a compensation of Tk9.75 lakh has been sought from the accused for gratuity and earned leave.

He further said, “1,200 other employees were similarly coerced into retirement under similar circumstances as Fakhrul and were denied their rightful entitlements.”

Farukul Islam served as the farm manager at the Grameen Krishi (Agriculture) Foundation Unit Office in Gobindganj upazila of Gaibandha, said his lawyer.

“He was compelled to retire without receiving retirement gratuity and the encashment of accrued leave, with the company offering excuses for non-payment of these dues,” added Shamim.