Wealth case: Ex-BNP, Jamaat ministers, MPs to be probed


Staff Reporter :
Anti-Corruption Commission’s (ACC) Senior Commissioner Mohammad Shahabuddin Chuppu said that ACC would inquire whether former BNP-Jamaat’s MPs and ministers were involved with corruption during the alliance tenure.
He said it while talking to the newsmen in his office on Thursday.
“The practice of corruption has been going on for decades. It is clear that not only the ruling MPs and ministers, the opposition MPs and ministers are also involved with corruption. We will carry out investigation against all suspects”, ACC Commissioner said.
“ACC does not pose jealousy against any individual. It searches for evidences only”, he said.
“None wants to admit his or her own fault and irregularities. So, we have to hold inquiry to collect evidences. The ACC does not send notice to any individual for harassment. It is our duty to get the truth”, he said.