Expatriates send $10.5b in July-Mar

Highest $2.32b comes from Saudi Arabia


Expatriate Bangladeshis working in Saudi Arabia sent the highest US$ 2,322.29 million in remittance during the July-March period of the current fiscal year (2013-14).
The overall remittance inflow to Bangladesh during the nine-month period totalled $10,494.74 million of which $1,288.62 million came during March, according to the latest data released by Bangladesh Bank. The overall remittance inflow in February totalled $ 1,173.16 million.
The central bank data showed that of the total $10,494.74 million sent during July-March by the overseas wage earners, Bangladeshis in the UAE sent home the second highest $1,989.61 million, followed by $ 1,715.48 million from the USA, $ 822.51 million from Kuwait, $ 766.01 million from Malaysia and $ 673.14 million from the UK.
The Bangladesh Bank figures also showed that during the nine-month period of the current fiscal year, $ 499.85 million remittance came from Oman, followed by $ 318.44 million from Singapore, $ 327.25 million from Bahrain, $ 205.47 million from Italy, $ 189.67 million from Qatar and $ 58.87 million from Libya.
Of the total wage earners remittance inflow of $ 14,461.14 million in the last fiscal year (2012-13), the highest $ 3,829.45 million came from Saudi Arabia. This was followed by $ 2,829.40 million from the UAE, $ 1,859.76 million from the USA, $ 1,186.93 million from Kuwait, $ 997.43 million from Malaysia, $ 991.59 million from the UK and $ 610.11 million from Oman.
The country’s remittance inflow totalled $ 12,843.43 million in fiscal 2011-12 and $ 11,650.31 million in the previous fiscal (2010-11).