Extreme suffering of locals as Fultala Botuli Road is in poor condition


Kulaura (Moulvibazar) Correspondent :

Although the road work of Fultala-Botuli check post of Juri Upazila of Moulvibazar has been scheduled for a long time, the construction work of the road has not started.

Additional work of 100 meters is being given to those who could not complete the main road up to Juri-Phultala in 4 years.

Thousands of people in these areas have been suffering because of this.

The main road full of potholes has now become a cause of suffering. There is no end to the anger of the local people.

Despite urging to finish, the road work is progressing at a snail’s pace. Moulvibazar Road and Public Path Directorate is not taking any action against the contractor for mysterious reasons.

It is known that the entire 23 km long road connecting Juri-Fultala Botuli check post of the Roads and Highways Department has turned into a bad condition.

In the implementation of Road Department Moulvibazar under the titled project, Juri-Phultala (Batuli) (Z-2823) District Highway has been approved for strengthening work including raising it from 12 feet to 18 feet at a cost of Tk 69 crore.

Later it was increased to 73 crores. Waheed Construction, a Dhaka-based contractor, was appointed to complete the work within two years.

It was commissioned in February 2019. After that, the company started struggling with work.

Although the work period was extended for three periods, the contractor could not complete the entire work even in 4 years.

Residents formed a human chain on various charges of irregularities in the work, and met the local parliament member and Minister of Environment, Forestry and Climate Change Alhaj¦ Md. Shahab Uddin.

The work of this road has not yet been completed even though the minister assured that any kind of irregularity will not be tolerated.

The last term of the contract will expire on September 28. But about a quarter of the work is left.

For the work of Fultala to Botuli check post zero point, the workers of the contracting company cut the soil and boxed it.

When traffic stops due to rain, local people make temporary traffic by throwing bricks.

Recently, when the workers boxed on the road, the condition of the road turned into a bad condition due to rain.


Suffering from it The people of the local area. Sawaz wrote to BGB seeking cooperation for road work from Zero Point.

Even after BGB took permission from BSF, the work did not start.

Goods worth cores of rupees per month are imported and exported between India and Bangladesh using this road.

Although the products of reputed companies of the country are exported to India, some raw materials are imported. Many times the cars are stuck in potholes.

When the workers pushed and crossed the road, they said there was a complaint.

Moreover, the people of some villages travel through this road.

The people of these areas have failed to attract the attention of the authorities by forming human chains several times for the speedy repair of the roads.

Local resident Abu Hanif said that it is very difficult for the people of these areas to travel through this road.

For a long time, they have made big holes in the road in the name of work.

No delivery There is a possibility of road delivery before the patient is taken to the hospital through this road.

Businessman Lizon Ahmad said that goods vehicles worth 12-14 crores of Tk pass through this road every year.

Despite repeated requests, the road is not being repaired.

The road work should be completed quickly even if it is to collect government revenue.

Mirza Beg, who is in charge of supervising the work of the contractor Wahid Construction, said that there will be no more work left after this month. Who is the Authority for the new zero point work?

Allowed we will do the work soon.

Tariqul Islam, Deputy Assistant Engineer of the Roads and Highways Department, said that some of the work left by the contractor is now underway.

About 100 meters from the zero point, road work was not permitted earlier. Permission has come, now the work will be implemented.