Grabbing of school lands by ruling party men protested


Barisal Correspondent :
Agitated local people, students, guardians on Wednesday formed human chain and handed over memorandum to the administration with agitation procession protesting grabbing of school lands by ruling party backed man in the city and demanding punishment of the grabbers.
Bangladesh Krishak Federation and Bangladesh Krishani Sava organised the programme in front of Ashwini Kumar Hall presided over by Zohra Rekha, president Bangladesh Krishani Sava district unit.
Among others Riazul Huq Sumon, Sabir Sardar, Maksuda Begum, Rekha Begum, Manisha Chakraborty, addressed the rally.
The speakers said within a week of forming new cabinet ruling AL backed influential illegally and forcibly occupied lands of two government primary schools at ward-8 and 9 in the city and started construction of walls, stalls and other structures on grabbed lands indicating their ill motives and tendencies.
Usually children of lower income group parents admitted at government primary schools for education managed amid different types of limitations and infrastructural deficiencies.
The ruling party backed land grabbers using their socio-political influences, money and muscle power grabbing our playground telling that we are the poor children of streets and need no playground except the street for playing and no other space other than our small school buildings on government lands, agitated students and guardians told.
They handing over memorandum to district, upazila, land, primary education, police administration demanded immediate evictions of the land grabbers, legal actions against their illegal forcibly constructions, protecting school lands by marking and securing boundaries.