Khaleque invents electricity, heat or manual based engine


BSS, Dhaka :
A new engine has been devised by a Bangladeshi scientist, Dr Abdul Khaleque that will run perpetually after the initial impulse, which may come from electricity, heat or manual effort.
The scientist was talking to journalists at a press conference held at the National Press Club today.
Khaleque told newsmen that his product had been patented, both in Bangladesh and abroad.
It may be recalled that the innovator has six patents in biological products and four in physical science.
One of his products, Swarna, an organic fertiliser is now being used widely in Africa. Former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan’s brother has set up a factory in that continent to manufacture and market the product.
The new engine that Dr Khaleque has developed does not have any residue and therefore it does not create any pollution. Besides, its maintenance and use is much cheaper than conventional engines. “The engine can be used to run all kinds of machine from power pump and automobile to aeroplane,” the scientist said.
Responding to a question about its possible practical use, Khaleque said, “We are scientists, we do not market products. It is not our line of activity.”