Kolkata’s Lagnajita sings playback song for BD actress Dighi in movie


Entertainment Report :
Lagnajita Chakraborty is an Indian singer.

She has several popular songs including ‘Prem e Pora Baron’, ‘Bosonto Eshe Gechhe’, ‘Beyaha’.

This artiste is also popular in Bangladesh.

This time she rendered playback song in a Bangladeshi movie.

Lagnajita has lent her voice to the song titled ‘Taake Chhere Ashte Shekho’ in the anthological movie ‘Priyo Prakton’ of ‘Jibon Jua’.

Sraban Bhattacharya of Kolkata arranged the music and lyrics were written by Kinkar Ahsan.

While talking about the playback song, Lagnajita told this correspondent, “I sang playback for the first time in a Bangladeshi movie.

I remember hearing the song. The melody and composition with the words has been great.

I enjoyed a lot while singing the song. I will tell more details about the song after leaving.”

Director of the movie, Iftekhar Ahmed Oshin said, “Lagnajita has many popular songs in Kolkata cinema.

Her voice is very sweet. After the lyrics, I thought it would be better to sing Lagnajita.

The song will go well with Dighi. Then I contacted Lagnajita. She liked the song very much.”


Sudip Kumar Dip and Parthana Fardin Dighi have acted together in the movie ‘Priyo Prakton’.

The movie ‘Priyo Prakton’ is about various stories of love, love and relationship at different times of life.

Another different aspect of the movie is that Sudip and Dighi will be seen on screen throughout the movie. There are no other characters.

It is said that the movie has been shot in and around Dhaka.

Director Oshin told this correspondent, “Priyo Prakton’ is my first directed movie.

I have chosen a very simple story to construct.

But I believe, watching every scene of the movie, the audience will relate to their own lives.

It would seem, this event happened or happened in my life. Everyone will like that.”

The anthological movie ‘Jibon Jua’ produced by Phoenix Entertainment will be released in theaters on the upcoming Durga Puja.

On the other hand, Dighi has signed a new movie. She will be seen as a self-reliant woman in Kamrul Hasan Fuad’s movie ‘Deyal’.

That same woman goes to drag her family. That journey will emerge in this movie.