‘Local govt most important for elevating peoples’ fate’


City Desk  :
State Minister for Foreign Affairs Shahriar Alam has said the existing local government institutions are very much important for elevating the fate of the grassroots people.

“The local government system has been playing a pioneering role towards implementing the projects related to rural physical infrastructures together with reflecting the hopes and aspirations of the village people,” he said.

The state minister made these observations while inaugurating a three-day development fair to mark the national local government day at Bagha Upazila Parishad Complex in the district today as the chief guest.

He also said modern public service has been contributing a lot towards improving living and livelihood conditions of the public in general in the rural, including the remote and hard-to-reach areas for the last around 15 years.


Like the city residents, the villagers are seen deriving the benefits of modern information and communication technologies (ICT) to get a number of important public services, easily adding a new dimension to the rural life.

The existing Union Digital Centre (UDC) and many private online entrepreneurs are playing pioneering roles towards reaching the public services to the grass root level after the best use of ICT-knowledge and devices.

Shahriar Alam said the villagers have been availing scopes of improving their living and livelihood conditions as a result of implementing various demand- driven programmes by local government institutions as per the direction given by the government.

Later, the state minister also opened a similar type of fair at Charghat Upazila Parishad Complex premises.