Mehzabein-Nasir Hossain pair in TVC for first time

Adnan Al Rajib, Mehzabein and Nasir Hossain at shooting spot of new TVC of Glaxose
Adnan Al Rajib, Mehzabein and Nasir Hossain at shooting spot of new TVC of Glaxose

Entertainment Report :
It is no news that Lux superstar, popular model cum TV actress Mehzabein has been working as model in television commercials. But it is news that she for the first time, has performed against reputed player of the national cricket team Md Nasir Hossain in a TVC under the direction of Adnan Al Rajib.
Mehzabein and Nasir will be seen as pair on the screen in a new TVC of Glaxose. This work has been made under the script which was an exceptional theme based.
While talking about his performance in the TVC cricketer Nasir Hossain told this correspondent, “My presence on the screen was the demand of the script of the TVC. Adnan Al Rajib bhai has made the TVC very sincerely. I think viewers will enjoy the TVC.”
Mehzabein shared her feelings by this way, “For the first time I have worked against any cricketer in any TVC. We have to face many sufferings while taking part in the shooting to make it successful. But I am satisfied that I have worked in a nice TVC. I believe viewers will also like the new TVC of Glaxose.”
The TVC will go on air very soon, said its director Adnan Al Rajib.
It may be mentioned that cricketer Nasir Hossain will take part in a match of Asia Cup Cricket today.
On the other hand, after self-exile Mehzabein has again started to perform as model on the screen by this TVC. On Valentine’s Day, Mehzabein acted a telefilm titled Bhalobasha 101 was aired in a satellite channel.
While sharing her feelings to perform in telefilm Mehzabein told this correspondent, “I have enjoyed a lot to perform in the telefilm. Most of the shooting was taken place to the outdoor. We had performed in the shooting on the Dhaka-Chittagong highway while taking some breaks for taking shot on the spot. After airing the telefilm I got huge response from all.”
Meanwhile, Adnan Al Rajib directed last popular TVC was Close Up Kachhe Ashar Golpo. Veet star Asha and Monoj performed as models in the TVC.