Mithila in Dhaka now, will spend her birthday with family


Entertainment Report :

Popular actress Rafiath Rashid Mithia is again in the news with her natural acting in web series titled ‘Myself Allen Shwapan’ directed by Shihab Shaheen. Due to her performance in this web series, she has been in discussion for quite some time now.
Now, since she is married to a film director of Kolkata, it is often not clear when she is in Dhaka and when she is in Kolkata.
Because of her job, she often has to stay in different countries of the world besides Dhaka and Kolkata. For example, from May 31 to June 17, she will be out of the country due to her office works.
Just as Mithila is enjoying her working life, she enjoys all the time she has for acting. But one day of the year she tries to stay with the family.
Today is Mithila’s birthday. She said that she will spend his birthday with her family.
Mithila told this correspondent, “At least during my birthday, I am in Dhaka, I am with my family – this is actually peaceful, pleasant. The joy of being with the family during the birthday is really nice. Everyone will pray for me that Allah will keep me and my family healthy and well. And for the new web series, I have received a lot of response from the audience in different parts of the country and abroad. I am soaked in the love of the audience, I am inspired again. I will try to work on better dramas, web series in the future.”
Meanwhile, the movies ‘Amanush,’ ‘Nuliachhorir Sonar Pahar,’ ‘Kajol Rekha,’ ‘Jole Jwole Tara,’ ‘Maya,’ ‘Meghla’ and ‘Nitishastro’ starring Mithila are waiting for release in Dhaka and Kolkata.
The directors of these movies believe that Mithila will reach a unique height as an actress if these movies are released. Mithila is also very fond of these movies.