Everest climb: Musa Ibrahim to provide proof

bdnews24.com :
Musa Ibrahim, reeling under allegations of faking his Mt Everest climb, says he has all the evidence needed to prove his conquest.
But its not possible now as he is ‘out of the country on a family visit”, Ibrahim wrote in a post on his Facebook profile on Monday. Ibrahim claims to be the first Bangladeshi to scale the world’s tallest peak.
“I would like to unequivocally state that, with the blessings of almighty Allah and millions of Bangladeshis, I was fortunate enough to reach the summit of the Mount Everest through North Route, Tibet, China on 23 May, 2010.”
He claimed ‘that a few persons’ from ‘ two or three media outlets in Bangladesh’ are trying to defame him .
“As soon as I am back home, I will produce all the evidences one more time to the nation and the media”
He demanded that attempts to ‘malign’ him should be ‘put on hold’ until his return home.
But he did not say when he is coming back.