Nari coming…


Entertainment Report :
Helpless housewife Ronti is running. She is in trouble now because her husband Amzad has been arrested by police. But she doesn’t know the reason of his arrest. In this city, there is not anybody of Ronti except Amzad. Ronti now doesn’t know how she will escape from this situation.
When Ronti goes to neighbourhood advocate Momin, he starts to play with her in various complexities. At one stage, Ronti realises the true that Momin will not help her. She has to fight against everybody including police, lawyer, shopkeepers of her area and interested tenants. It is the story of drama serial Nari. Mostafa Monon has written script of the serial. He has also given its direction.
Sumaiya Shimu, Hasin Roushan, Saberi Alam, Shatabdi Wadud, Lutfar Rahman George, Shamima Tushti, Sajjad Reza, Pori Moni, among others, have performed in different roles in the serial.
Nari will go on air on Maasranga Television soon.