Niloy and Heme: Successful pair of over 100 dramas


Sheikh Arif Bulbon  :
Niloy Alamgir and Jannatul Sumaiya Heme have become one of the most popular pairs of TV dramas in Bangladesh now.

Niloy and Heme were the first to be impressed by the love of the audience and came into discussion to act in the drama titled ‘Biyer Poriksha’ directed by Aador Shohag and scripted by Ariha Chowdhury.

After that they both acted one after the other in many more dramas including ‘Akkas Ekhon America’, ‘Amra Gorib’, ‘American Guest’, ‘Hobu Ghor Jamai,’ ‘Mrs Disturb’, ‘Golar Kanta’, ‘Love You Madam’, ‘Deshi Murgi’, ‘Ajob Pyara’, ‘Jamai Shwoshur 420’, ‘Cute Premik’, ‘Readymade Jhamela’, ‘Tori’, ‘Poran Pakhi’, ‘Biye Korboi’, ‘Double Dose’, ‘Kulir Prem’, ‘Welcome Doctor,’ ‘Jamai Atonko’, ‘Family Trouble’, ‘Swami Bhokto Bou’, ‘Thot Kanta Jamai,’ ‘Chorer Bou Chunni,’ ‘Loksmi Tyara,’ ‘Fida’, ‘Made In China’, ‘Besaram’, ‘Prem Hoite Sabdhan’, ‘Political Love’, etc.

That is, the pair of Niloy and Heme has acted in more than 100 dramas so far. In this age of views, their dramas are not only considered based on the viewership of this pair.

They have been soaked in the love of the audience while acting in romantic and comedy genre dramas. They have become the audience’s favourite couple.

Last yesterday Niloy and Heme completed the work of the drama titled ‘Same To Same’ written and directed by Adibasi Mizan.

Niloy Alamgir told this correspondent, “My and Heme’s first hit was the drama ‘Biyer Poriksha’.

After that, in the interest of the audience, the producers and directors started producing one drama after another with us as a pair.


We did not think that we would work in more than 100 dramas as a pair. A few days ago, when the matter came to the fore, we were quite surprised.

I was surprised by the audience’s love. Because if the audience did not have interest and love for our nation then it would not have been possible for us to does so much work together.

I give thanks to Heme for being by my side and supporting me.”

Actress Heme said, “I am truly thankful to Allah that I and Niloy Bhai have acted together in so many dramas.

I have many thanks and loves to the audience. Because of them we have been able to work together in hundreds of dramas.

In the future, we want to work on dramas with good stories.

To be honest, I don’t believe in pairings. Even then my name is pronounced as a pair with Niloy Bhai, it’s really nice.

Because Razzak-Kobori, Salman-Shabnoor, we have heard their names as a pair. Now we are hearing our own names as a pair.”