No male allowed to examine rape victims: HC

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The High Court has ordered the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS) to ensure that male doctors are not allowed to perform the medical examination of rape victims.
The bench of justices Quazi Reza-Ul Hoque and ABM Altaf Hossain gave this order to the DGHS Director General (DG) Prof Deen Mohammad Nurul Haque on Sunday while dissolving a ruling.
On April 16 last year, the High Court bench had ruled on its own volition after newspapers ran reports said that male
doctors conduct medical examinations on rape victims.
In June, the court ordered the appointment of female doctors, nurses and other staff in all government hospitals to conduct the medical tests on women subjected to rape.
The court summoned the DG-DGHS on Apr 2 as the order had not been implemented.
The director general appeared before the court on Sunday in view of the order.
His lawyer, SM Rejaul Karim, told the court that female doctors have been appointed in keeping with the court order.
Karim said, the DGHS had submitted progress reports to the court on the matter through the registrar’s office.
“That’s why they did not reach the court in time. We made a mistake and apologise for it,” he said.
The court dissolved the ruling and let the DG off but asked him to ensure that no male doctor was involved in the examination of rape victims.