Producer Monirul Islam accuses of unprofessional behaviour by Sayantika

Actress Sayantika Banerjee and producer of movie ‘Chhayabaz’ Monirul Islam (left-inside)

Entertainment Report :
Tollywood heroine Sayantika Banerjee returned to Kolkata midway through the shooting of the movie ‘Chhayabaz’.

As a result, the movie directed by Taju Kamrul got stuck.

Producer Monirul Islam claimed that Sayantika left Dhaka because she did not want to work with dance director Michael Babu.

He also said that the complaint that Sayantika held hands with Michael is not true.

Sayantika talked about this in the Indian mass media last Saturday. There the actress is blaming the producer of the movie.

Sayantika claimed that not the dance director, but the producer of the movie behind the main problem.

The shooting of ‘Chhayabaz’ has started without any plan. She did not get the solution to the technical problem despite repeated attempts.

Producer Monirul Islam was contacted regarding such allegations of Sayantika.

Besides answering the complaint, he also accused Sayantika of unprofessionalism.

While talking in this regard, Monirul Islam told this correspondent, “All allegations of Sayantika are false and ridiculous.

Sayantika’s problem with holding hands with Michael Babu.

She called the director and wanted to kill Michael Babu. Now why Sayantika is complaining against me, it is not understandable.

If he has a problem with me, why put Michael? If a star cannot maintain her personality, then what else is there to say?”

While talking about the irregularities in the shooting, producer Monirul said, “The director decides how to shoot. The earlier plan was to start the shooting with the song scene.


Unprofessional behaviour was done by Sayantika, not me.

Out of contract I gave her 50 thousand rupees for clothes. But she did not bring any clothes.

After that I arranged her clothes again with dress-man Monir. Sayantika did not return those clothes.”

Producer Monirul also said, “The hero and heroine at the hotel at 2 o’clock to change the dresses while shooting the song in the direction of Michael. They came back at 6:00pm.

It takes four hours to change a dress; I have never seen such a thing. Besides, on the day we shut up the shooting pack and left with the whole unit, the hero and heroine stayed in the hotel.

What were they doing there that day? What will they answer to this question? I never wanted to bring these words forward. But now I could not be silent.”

Monirul said about the change of dance director, “Three dance directors were supposed to work on four songs. The first song was composed by Saif Khan Kalu. Another song of his was about the child artiste.

That song is supposed to be done later. So, Kalu has come. His payment was given there. It is up to the director to direct the dance. Sayantika said to Michael, ‘Baby boy.’

Michael is a member of the Dance Directors’ Association. Surely he could not be a member of any organization without his qualifications.

Sayantika has dishonored our entire film industry by speaking like this to Michael.”

The producer was surprised by the comment of heroine Sayantika who wants to finish the work if the screenplay and shot division informs in advance. Sayantika’s story was sent three months ago.

If she is busy with other work without reading the story, then what to do! How did she agree to act in the movie without reading the script?”

Uncertainty has been created about the movie ‘Chhayabaz’ due to such back-and-forth accusations by the actress and the producer.
However, when the director of the movie Taju Kamrul was contacted to know about this, he did not agree to comment.