Scientists honored: Progress needs research-based efforts:PM

UNB, Dhaka :
Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Sunday sought all-out cooperation of scientists, researchers and technologists of the country in building the nation as a dignified one in the world by utilizing their innovative power.
Assuring all sorts of assistance and cooperation in this regard, she said that despite limited resources, her government would continue its support to scientific endeavors by the researchers and scientists.
The Prime Minister was distributing Gold Medal Awards among scientists and fellows of Bangladesh Academy of Sciences in recognition of their contributions in respective fields at a ceremony held at Osmani Memorial Auditorium in the city.
Twenty-two scientists, both senior and young, working in different areas with different institutions of the country were honored with Gold Medal Awards
of Bangladesh Academy of Sciences. Putting emphasis on scientific research, Hasina said scientists and researchers will have to play effective role for the advancement of the country by utilizing their creativity within the available limited resources.
She urged the new generation to be involved in research-oriented activities, saying they would be able to take the country towards prosperity and development.
The Prime Minister said that her government is always sincere in patronizing scientific research and invention as well as in formulating science and research friendly policy.
In this regard, she mentioned the introduction of providing Bangabandhu Fellowship, ICT Fellowship and other assistances by the government for conducting research in various fields of science and technology during its 1996-2001 term, which aimed at building efficient and skilled scientists, researchers and technologists.
She alleged that the BNP-Jamat alliance government deprived the scientists and researchers community in pursuing their innovative activities by stopping the initiatives of the Awami League government.
Hasina said, scientists of the country invented drought-tolerant varieties of paddy by using bio-technology and genetic engineering.
The country has now become self-reliant in food production with coordinated efforts of all including the support of the government, sincerity of the scientists, and above all hard labour of farmers, she said.