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Ophthalmology institution in every division

More than ten million Bangladeshis are suffering from eye vision problems now.

Most of them can regain clear vision with very little eye medical treatment under ophthalmologists (eye specialists).

A portion can lead a normal life having regular advice from ophthalmologists.

A portion can regain normal vision having little treatment by Eye Specialists.

As the number and location of Eye Care Centers are very limited in relation to the number of patients’ throughout the country most of the patients cannot get eye care medical service from ophthalmologists.

The eye care centers are to be well equipped and new eye care centers are to be established in every region of the country.

Owing to a very limited number of ophthalmologists about ten million patients have been suffering eye vision problems and leading vision impaired life.

It is not desirable in the current age in any independent country.

During the last 52 years Bangladesh has set up a few medical colleges, an ophthalmology institution and a medical university to expand medical education in the country.


There is an institution of government in Dhaka city to impart ophthalmology from where a handful of eye specialists are coming out every year.

Their number is like drops of water in a mighty river.

Quality of ophthalmology medicare treatment in the country is also in question. Government has to take effective setup in this regard.

It has become very necessary to set up at least one ophthalmology institution in each administrative division in the country.

Government can send teachers to friendly countries to make ophthalmology treatment quality one.

The ministry of health, with help of foreign ministry, can drive to get scholarships full or part from different countries for teachers to impart quality ophthalmology higher education.

A five year plan should be made to set up one ophthalmology institution in each administrative division.

Millions of patients will regain their vision getting affordable ophthalmology medical treatment in the years to come.

I like to draw the attention of the government in this regard.

Md Ashraf Hossain
120 Central Bashabo, Dhaka