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Women continue to struggle

In various countries, women face significant challenges in obtaining their rights, particularly concerning education and decision-making autonomy.

Among these nations, Afghanistan stands out as a place where women and girls encounter some of the most severe difficulties.

Surprisingly, both developed and developing countries struggle to fully respect women’s rights and acknowledge their contributions.

Throughout the world, there are numerous female leaders who have significantly contributed to their countries’ development.

However, a disheartening statistic reveals that 69 per cent of people still believe that men are better suited for political leadership.

Additionally, 46 per cent sauspect that men enjoy more job opportunities, and 43 per cent think men make better business leaders.


This persistent bias undermines the achievements of women who actively contribute to various fields while silently observing men claiming victories.

In many South Asian countries, even a single outspoken woman advocating for her rights risks facing threats from family members and husbands.

This hostile environment discourages women from speaking up about their rights and aspirations.

It is crucial to recognise that no country can truly progress without focusing on the advancement of its women.

The time has come to take action and address the rights of women who continue to struggle to achieve their goals, emphasising the urgent need for change in societies worldwide.

Amreen Noor
By email