Readers’ Voice


Stop smoking in public places

It is a common phenomenon that some smokers used to smoke in public places. Besides, some of them smoke on the footpath and open places.

Smoking is injurious for health. Even smoking is causes of lung cancer and also of many other diseases.

A warning is written in every packet of cigarettes that ‘Cigarette is the cause of death.’

The smokers, who used to smoke, earn many diseases and death for him. But the smokers have no right to infect others who are victims of passive smoking.


Smoking cigarette in public places should strictly be prohibited, according to the law of Bangladesh.

Besides, persons, who are now age of under-18, are not permitted to buy cigarettes.

I hope the authority should take strict action against those persons, who smoke cigarettes in public and open places.

Sabbir Hossain
Shantinagar, Dhaka