Richie Solaiman returning to acting after a break


Entertainment Report :
Popular TV actress Richie Solaiman is returning to acting.

She will stand in front of the camera again by acting in a drama of Amitabh Ahmed Rana and Subrata Mitra.

The title of the drama has not been finalized yet, but the story, screenplay and preliminary work has progressed a long way.

In the meantime, Richie has planned the shooting with the makers after the story of the drama.

If all goes well, they can start shooting this month.

On the other hand, Ritchie is likely to return to the United States on October 6.

She will return home again in the first week of November.

The actress said that she is going to work on a web content after returning to the country.

However, due to strategic reasons, she is not able to tell the details of that web content.

While talking about to act in a new drama, Richie told this correspondent, “I have worked with Rana and Subrata before.

They came and told me the story. I liked it very much.

Rana told me earlier that the story was written with me in mind.

I also heard the story and realised that the story was written with me in mind.

I feel that the break in acting can be broken with such a work.”

Director Amitabh Ahmed Rana said, “As Richie likes the story, Subrata and I are also preparing for the shooting of the drama.


Hopefully our first work with Richie will end well. Richie acted in Chayanika Chowdhury’s many dramas, where we worked as assistant to the director.

Richie will work under our full guidance for the first time. So, the work is something special for us.”

Richie Solaiman has to spend a certain time of the year in the United States.

The rest of the time she stays in the country. Her two children are grown.

Richie’s time passes in their studies and family work.

However, Ritchie said that she is planning to start shooting again.

While talking in this regard, Richie told this correspondent, “I took a break from acting to give time to the world.

Now I am planning to start shooting again.

If there is a good director and a good story, I will definitely act.

Many people think I live in the United States.

It’s wrong.

Some of the year I stay in the United States, most of the time I stay in the country.

As an actress, I always have a thirst for acting.

So, I always try to act.

I want to be regular in acting again if there is time and opportunity.”