Riding on horse for seven hours at a time


Entertainment Report :
Popular film actor of present time Bappi Chowdhury took part in shooting of a movie riding on the shoulder of a horse for seven hours at a time.
Bappi had to stay on the shoulder of horse to take part in shooting of Mohammad Hossain directed movie I Don’t Care. He took part in shooting by this way from 10:00am to 5:00pm on Tuesday. Only lunch break Bappi got the opportunity to take rest.
It may be mentioned that story of movie I Don’t Care was written by Abdullah Zahir Babu.
While sharing his feelings in this regard Bappi told this correspondent, “In the story of the movie it will be shown that wedding ceremony of my girlfriend is going to be held with another person. I am Surjo, who will escape her girlfriend from the stage of the wedding ceremony. Hossain sir took the shot very carefully and sincerely to ride me on a horse on the demand of the story of the movie. I think viewers will enjoy the shot.”