Sayantika left shooting, movie ‘Chhayabaz’ becomes uncertain


Sheikh Arif Bulbon :
Recently, Tollywood’s popular actress Sayantika Banerjee came back to Kolkata in the middle of the shooting after coming to act in a movie in Dhaka for the first time.

It has been found that the actress left Dhaka without completing the shoot because she would not work under the movie’s dance director Michael.

Sayantika came to Dhaka on August 30 to shoot for the movie ‘Chhayabaz’ directed by Taju Kamrul.

That afternoon, the hero went to Cox’s Bazar to shoot with Zayed Khan. It was supposed to shoot till September 12.

Film shooting started with a song. The shooting of the first song ended smoothly.

During the shooting of the second song, Sayantika suddenly complained against the dance director Michael.

Her demand was to change the dance director, otherwise she will not work.

But the producer of the movie, Monirul Islam decided to finish the work with Michael. Therefore, heroine Sayantika returned to Kolkata by deciding not to shoot.

When the director Taju Kamrul was contacted in this regard, he admitted the truth of the incident. However, he did not agree to comment on this.

He advised to speak quota with producer and dance director.

Describing the events of the day, dance director Michael told this correspondent, “After finishing the shooting of the first song, we were shooting the second song.

Holding Sayantika’s hand to show her the dance steps, she told me, “Don’t hold my hand, tell me.” I explained to her that way without saying anything.

I had no argument with her about this. Sayantika told the director and producer after the work, she wouldn’t work if I did.


Sayantika did not want to get out of the car when she came to the shooting spot the next day.

When the director explained to me, I sat on the monitor. The director talked to me and shot the scenes.

That night, the director and producer told Sayantika, she had to do the rest of the work with me. The next morning Sayantika left the set. We were supposed to shoot till September 12, but the pack had to come quietly on September 7.

I do not understand what the problem of Sayantika with me was. I have never worked with her before. Even this was my first meeting with her.”

Producer Monirul Islam said, “During the shooting of the second song, Sayantika complained that the dance director Michael grabbed her hand.

If Michael is not removed from the movie, she will not work. I found out that Michael is not at fault.

He hold Sayantika’s hand for the sake of work. So, I told Sayantika, she has to work with Michael. If not there is no need to work. The next morning Sayantika left the set.

I still stand by my word. If you want to work, you have to do it with Michael. I don’t want to belittle the artistes of my country. There is no problem even if it hurts me.”

When asked whether the work will be done with another heroine if Sayantika does not come, the producer Monirul Islam said, “If Sayantika agrees to work under Michael’s supervision, then the work will start again. Not otherwise.

I am not thinking about anyone else right now. If necessary in the future, I can change the hero-heroine and work on the movie.”

However, actor Zayed Khan told the media that Sayantika’s departure is a rumour. He said that a circle is deliberately spreading such rumours.

Earlier, when the news of Zayed Khan’s movie with Sayantika was published, he denied it. When Sayantika arrived in Dhaka, Zayed Khan welcomed her with flowers at the airport and said, “I admitted that the matter was not finalised. Now I am confirming the news of shooting by signing the contract.”