Serial ‘Cheater & Gentleman’ airs 300-episode tonight


Entertainment Report :
The 300th episode of popular drama serial titled ‘Cheater & Gentleman’, directed by popular playwright and director Sanjit Sarkar, will be aired today on RTV at 10:00pm.

Every Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday at the same time, the series has been airing on the same channel for quite some time.

In that sequence, the 300th episode of the serial will be aired today.

As usual, the author of this serial is Sanjit Sarkar.

Mir Sabbir, Urmila, AKhM Hasan, Saju Khadem, Tahmina Sultana Mou, Hosne Ara Putul, Arfan Ahmed, Sallha Khanam Nadia, Nabila Islam and many others are acting in various roles in this serial.

The series has already gained popularity among the audience. Some of the characters are quite discussed.

That’s why those who are acting in those roles are also getting good response for their performance in this serial.

Director Sanjit Sarkar told this correspondent, “I get a lot of response from the audience for each of my works.

I never expect much profit from writing or producing dramas.

I try to get the performance of my mind from the actors with the highest respect.

As usual, everyone who is acting in this series is acting brilliantly in their respective roles.


That’s why my series has got a place in the minds of the audience in the crowd of many series.”

While talking about acting in the serial, actor Mir Sabbir said, “Sanjit Dada is a very kind hearted person.

Since he is a playwright himself and a director himself, he knows what he wants from the actors.

That’s how he tried to understand the character from the actors and bring out the performance. But we are constantly getting the response. Sanjit Dada is really a talented director.”

Actress Urmila Srabonti Kar told this correspondent, “Sanjit Dada’s previous serial ‘Cheating Master’ that wanted to take me.

But at that time, I did not work on that serial.

But since the beginning of this series, I am basically acting in his interest.

It can be said that since the beginning of my acting career, I have performed equally in single dramas and drama serial so that acting is planted in me.

Till 2018, I had a kind of fondness for serial drama stories.

I came much later and got it in Sanjit Dada’s serial. In fact, for acting in this series, I got a lot of response by the name of my character.”