Shabnoor expresses grief and anger over death of film director Sohan


Sheikh Arif Bulbon :
Dhallywood’s popular director Sohanur Rahman Sohan passed away last Wednesday evening.

Actors, directors, producers and others have expressed grief over his death.

Shabnoor, the once popular heroine of Dhallywood, has been mourned. She expressed grief after receiving the news.

However, there is a message of anger and regret in that message.

Shabnoor expressed grief over the death of director Sohan on Facebook. But it contained her accumulated anger towards director Sohan.

The actress informed that Sohanur Rahman Sohan has falsely slandered her before his death.

Shabnoor claimed that Sohan made some comments regarding late hero Salman Shah in an interview given to a TV channel on his death anniversary a few days ago.

The actress is claiming that it was ‘false’. According to Shabnoor, while alive, Sohanur Rahman Sohan spoke about her several times ‘falsely and upside down’.

Shabnoor wrote with regret, “Oh life! It is with a very heavy heart that we have to say that the famous filmmaker Sohanur Rahman Sohan is no longer with us.

(Innalillahi….) It needs to be said that Sohanur Rahman Sohan’s wife also died of stroke yesterday.


Before Sohan Uncle died, he made some false accusations against me in the media. He humiliated me in the society.

I was humiliated in the society and lost my honor. Many asked me to respond against his harsh words. I would like the media to protest his false accusations.”

Shabnoor also wrote: “Before this, he made such bad comments against me in an interview. Then I did not respond to his slander. Sohan Uncle is much senior, similar to my father. He could discipline me if I did something wrong.

I had a phone conversation with him a few days ago. Then I asked him – ‘Uncle, are you angry with me for some reason? You are talking against me in the media.’

He then told me, ‘You are the daughter of our industry, like my daughter, why should I be angry with you? And I didn’t say any bad thing against you.’ Then last week he made false accusations against me again.”

Referring to Sohan’s forgiveness, Shabnoor also wrote, “But I have only regret – I did not know why or whose plot he (Sohan) was influenced by and fell behind me.

Anyway, I want to say one thing for everyone, brother, life is very short. What’s the point of rioting? Let’s not stand against each other, let’s all live together.

The goal is only one – everyone has to leave the illusion of this world.

Since forgiveness is a noble virtue, I forgave him. I wish the souls of Sohan Uncle and his wife to rest in peace.”