Shakib Khan demands crores of remuneration, director is in trouble


Entertainment Report :
Bodiul Alam Khokon made several popular movies about Shakib Khan.

This duo has given more than a dozen hit movies including ‘Priya Aamar Priya’, ‘Niswas Aamar Tumi’, ‘Bhalobese Morte Pari’, ‘Ekbar Bolo Bhalobasi’, ‘Number One Shakib Khan’, ‘Don-Number One’, ‘Hero-The Superstar’, and ‘Rajababu’.

Director Khokon wanted to make another movie titled ‘Nil Doriya’ with Shakib. Shakib Khan signed a contract for the movie ‘Nil Doriya’ last Eid-ul-Fitr.

At that time, he took a salary of Tk40 thousand for acting in the movie.

The producer of this movie paid full amount to Shakib.

The shooting of the movie ‘Nil Doriya’ was supposed to start immediately after Eid.

However, the shooting was delayed due to the movie ‘Priyotoma’.

Last Eid-ul-Azha movie ‘Priyotoma’ got a good response.
It is known that after the success of this movie, Shakib has increased his salary.

A few months ago, the remuneration of this Dhallywood superstar was within Tk50 lakhs per movie.

After ‘Priyotoma’, he is now asking Tk 1 crore per movie. And director Bodiul Alam Khokon is in trouble.

Director Khokon informed this correspondent, “Shakib Khan does not want to do the movie ‘Nil Doriya’ even after getting 100 per cent remuneration.

He is demanding another Tk60 lakhs of remuneration along with Tk40 lakhs taken earlier.


So, Shakib Khan has returned all the Tk40 lakh taken as remuneration to the producer.

The future of this movie has fallen into uncertainty due to the
complexity of this remuneration.”

Director Khokon also said, “When we gave the money to Shakib Khan, at that time his remuneration was between Tk 35 to 50 lakhs. He also gave the testimony of shooting from last July 20.

In that way, I had to take all the preparations for the shooting including the location.

After a few days, Shakib Khan said that after ‘Priyotoma’, he will date ‘Nil Doriya’.

I agreed. ‘Priyotoma’ became a hit in Eid. Then Shakib changed his mind and increased salary.

He does not want to work now even on the previously finalised salary.”

Director Khokon regretfully said, “Now Shakib can take one crore or two crores taka to sign a contract in a new movie.

But we finalised him at his previous salary. Now Shakib can claim this with us.

It does not fall into morality. It will not happen if the commitment is not right. It is totally unfair.”

This correspondent tried to contact Shakib Khan several times about the matter but he did not respond.