Shamima Tusty’s busyness revolves around movie ‘Matir Rajkumar’


Sheikh Arif Bulbon :
Viewers’ choice popular actress Shamima Tusty has acted in many TV dramas and movies.

She is also acting in stage plays. Her name is in the latest government grant list for movies.

As a producer, Tusty has received government grants for film production.

The movie ‘Matir Rajkumar’ is going to be produced with government grant in her production.

Shamima Tusty informed that the movie is now in post-production.

Once the post-production work is over, the artiste selection process will begin.

While talking in this regard, Shamima Tusty told this correspondent, “My sincere gratitude to the state for giving me the opportunity to make a movie with government grants.

The movie will be made in my production with government grant.

Now I am very busy with the post-production work.

End of story work. After that, I will basically start the selection of artistes.

Since this is primarily a children’s film, most of the artistes will be child artistes.


And the person who is supposed to act in the title role of ‘Matir Rajkumar’ has to take a permission at the highest level of the state.

So, I have to wait for a while.

I hope that all things considered, ‘Matir Rajkumar’ will be a movie that the audience likes.

I want to make the movie well with everyone’s cooperation, that is, in the areas where cooperation is needed.

My entire team is mentally ready to get down working to make the movie.

We are now just waiting for coming December.”

Tusty said that the story of her movie is written by the person who will produce the movie, i.e. Rubel Shankar. Tusty has immense faith in appeasement of Rubel.

Tusty believes that Rubel will make the movie properly with full attention. Apart from the drama, Tusty has been seen acting in several good movies like ‘Gorh’, ‘Swapnodanay’, ‘Nondito Noroke’, ‘Laal Sobuj’, etc.

Currently Shamima Tusty starrer ‘Pita Bonam Putro Gong’, directed by Sokal Ahmed, ‘Bokulpur’, directed by Kaiser Ahmed, and ‘Cheater & Gentleman’, directed by Sanjit Sarkar, are being aired on two different satellite channels. Meanwhile, Tusty has started working on two new drama series.

One is Golam Sohrab Dodul’s ‘Milon Hobe Kotodine’ and the other is Al Hazen’s ‘Dadajan’, (title subject to change).