Shithi Saha busy with modern and playback songs


Sheikh Arif Bulbon :
Shithi Saha is the popular singer of this generation. Since two years she is
working as the chairman of ‘Sthapotto Construction Firm’. Shithi sings songs usually for the satisfaction of the mind, for the love of the audience. It is not like she has to live her life from the money earned from here. She has been learning music since childhood due to her indomitable love for music. She is still learning now.
Last month, Shithi rendered a duet song titled ‘Pori’ was released on singer Habib Wahid’s YouTube channel with Habib. This song titled ‘Pori’ in lyrics by Ali Baker Zico and composed by Habib Wahid has received a good audience.
But Shithi said that she has made several new songs. Those will be released one by one. Among them, a duet will be released with the words and tunes of Master D, who lives in Canada. It’s a big budget song.
Shithi told this correspondent that a song which lyrics were written by Someshwar Ali and music by Sajid Sarkar; a song written by Gazi Mazharul Anwar and music was composed by Apu Aman; a duet Hindi song, which was composed by Shafqat Aman Ali, Hindi version of the song, which lyrics were also written by Shafqat Aman Ali and music was composed by Adit, Bengali version of this song, which lyrics were written by Lutfor Hasan awaiting release.
Meanwhile, Shithi rendered two songs in Suman Dhor’s web film titled ‘Fera’.
Therefore, Shithi rendered playback songs for Chayanika Chowdhury’s ‘Prohelika’ and Bondhon Biswas’s ‘Lal Saree’ movies are waiting to be released. The music of ‘Prohelika’ was composed by Akash Mahmud and ‘Lal Saree’ was composed by Emon Saha.
While talking talking about her busy schedule and singing song, Shithi Saha told this correspondent, “I sing song since childhood for the satisfaction of my heart. At one point, my identity as a singer began. But it is true that I sing song for the satisfaction of my heart. There is my peace if the audience likes my song and rendering style. A few days ago, I started working as the chairman of ‘Sthapotto Construction Firm’. Now I am trying to give time here. All in all, I’m trying to enjoy life.”
Meanwhile, Shithi said that she was suffering from a complex disease for the past several years. She has since recovered a lot.
Shithi’s debut album was ‘Kolpona’. She lent her voice for the first time in playback for the movie ‘King Khan’.