Sushoma’s two new movies await to get release


Sheikh Arif Bulbon :
Now viewers are showing their keen interest to watch good story based works. For this reason, recently directors and producers are coming forward to release their good story based projects. Two movies – ‘Poran’ and ‘Hawa’ played
a significant role to bring back the audience to the theatre halls. As a part of its continuation, after these two movies, promotional campaigns for upcoming movies are being done in full swing.
As a result, post ‘Poran’ and ‘Hawa’ movies are creating interest among the audience to watch
in the big screen. Viewers are also showing their interest to watch these movies. Makers are also becoming hopeful about their movies.
Popular actress of the small screen, Sushoma Sarkar has become hopeful about her upcoming two movies titled ‘Gungkumari’ and ‘Peyarar Subash.’ Fazlul Tuhin gave direction of ‘Gungkumari,’ while Nurul Alam Atique gave direction of movie ‘Peyarar Subash.’
Actress Sushoma informed that she has already completed works of these two movies. Now she is waiting to get release dates of these movies.
While talking in this regard, Sushoma said, “Earlier, I had experience to work in some good story based movies. I played important roles in ‘Gungkumari’ and ‘Peyarar Subash.’ As an actress, I am very much satisfied to act in these two movies. In fact, everybody is informed about direction of Nurul Alam Atique Bhai. He has made his movie ‘Peyarar Subash’ cordially. Besides Atique Bhai, Tuhin Bhai also gave huge efforts for his movie ‘Gungkumari.’ For this reason, I am very much optimistic about these two movies. Now I am waiting to get release dates of these two movies.”
Meanwhile, Sushoma has recently acted in Faria Hossain scripted and Arif Khan directed new drama serial titled ‘Dadur Jadu.’ Sushoma is also hopeful about this serial.
Sushoma also said that she has already performed as a model in two TV commercials of two products of Daraz and Pran. Sushoma starrer last released movies were Anonno Mamun’s Nabab LLB and Gazi Rakayet directed Gor. The actress received huge appreciation from the viewers for acting in these two movies. Sushoma starrer some movies are awaiting to get release dates. These are: Chhuye Dile Mon, Doob Satar, Badshah, Bhubon Majhi, Shapludu, Dohon, etc.
Giasuddin Selim directed and Masum Reza scripted Sada Megher Bhelay was Sushoma starrer her first television drama. Attaching with theatre group, Desh Natok, she acted in plays Jonome Jonmantor, Nitya Puran and Jol Bashor.